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“the Rescue Center”


My son Hi-kon want to have “the Rescue Center” for his cars.
So my wife and I made it ourself.

요즘 한참 로보카 폴리에 빠져계신 아드님.
YouTube로 폴리 동영상을 보시다가 발견하신 구조본부 장난감을 발견하심.
보고 또 보고 하시는 아드님을 데리고 종이로 직접 만들었음.
오리지널과 구분을 거의 못하시는 아드님은 그냥 좋아하심.
덕분에 불쌍한 로보카들은 검열을 앞둔 5분대기조처럼 출동과 복귀를 반복하고 있음.
This is the Origial “the Rescue Center”.

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I am Yoonsun Yang. My friends call me “Sunny”. I was born in Seoul, South Korea in 1979, live in Bielefeld, Germany. I am a Photographer. Camera is my main tool but I do not make just Photo, but also Fotogram, Installation & Concept art. This Blog is a presentation of my art work and I share my days with photo.

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